MYSTERY SOLVED: The couple behind the ‘we buy houses’ signs in Gladstone has been identified as John and Sally-Anne Thomas.
MYSTERY SOLVED: The couple behind the ‘we buy houses’ signs in Gladstone has been identified as John and Sally-Anne Thomas. Rosie O'Brien

Here's who is behind the 'We buy houses' signs

'WE buy houses' signs have been popping up all over Gladstone and it's been making locals question if there is an alternative to selling their property.

Property investors and owners of Elite Real Estate Solutions John Thomas and his partner Sally-Anne are the ones responsible for the signs.

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Mr Thomas said they are putting the word out there that what they offer is an alternative.

"Basically we're private property investors in a market where you typically only have a choice of big real estate names," Mr Thomas said.

"We're offering to help out Gladstone locals who are finding themselves in situations where they're struggling to pay fees.

"In Gladstone the property values have dropped substantially and this makes it almost impossible to sell the traditional way, so we've come up with an alternative to overcome this by buying and holding your property."

The duo says they have heavily invested in Gladstone property in the past few years, despite operating out of Port Macquarie.

"I've found myself with quite a few properties in Gladstone so we're in the middle of relocating," Mr Thomas said.

"We do this for a living and the demand has brought us back but it will be a work in progress."

Mr Thomas has said that if you have found yourself in a situation where you can't afford your mortgage or you are an investor that wants to turn around a negative geared property, they are here to help.

However, RE/MAX sales associate Ros Waters says people should be cautious with situations like this.

"I'm not doubting that you wouldn't be able to sell or rent your house yourself but just remember that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is," she said.

"Make sure you do a lot of research, investigating and make sure you get a solicitor if you've going to jump in."

To become a professional in the property industry Ros said it takes more than a two-minute internet course.

"Agents are professionals, we're highly trained in marketing your property in the best way possible," she said.

"Insurance and legal documentation are just some of the things we cover you for which others can't.

"Buyers are very savvy these days so they should ask themselves, 'would you pull out your own tooth?' No, I don't think so."