Calliope River Historical Village. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Calliope River Historical Village. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer

Is Calliope haunted? Ghost hunters reveal spooky recordings

IS THE Calliope area haunted? According to the team at CQ paranormal callouts and investigates - yes, but you’ll have to see it for yourself.

It’s why the group is hosting a ghost tour at the Calliope River Historical Village this Halloween.

A spokeswoman said the tour was about bringing paranormal to life.

“It’s real stuff,” she said.

“It’s not people jumping out of cupboards it’s real things that happen.”

She said the plan was to use the equipment the group had which they had been using for their own investigations around the Calliope area.

“We thought it’s history, it’s old buildings let’s go see what's there,” she said.

“We weren’t expecting anything and we started getting stuff.”

Some places they’ve found examples of paranormal activity include a train carriage that was part of a big accident, at the Calliope river bank and even through the centre of town.

“The stuff we’ve got on recording, it matches up with the stuff about the ages and names

and who these people were there and how they passed away,” the spokeswoman said.

However rather than just speaking about it, she is encouraging people to head out and have a look for themselves.

Calliope River Historical Village Ghost Tour

When: October 31, 7pm – 9pm and 10pm – 12am

Where: Calliope Historical Village

How much: $20 per person.

To book contact CQ Paranormal Callouts and Investigations

Note there is a 20 person limit per session with room to add an extra session if there’s demand for it.

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