Is a bust on horizon? Two projects could make a difference

MAJOR projects have been at the forefront of Gladstone's industry throughout its history, but CQUniversity economist Professor John Rolfe has questioned whether the boom has finished and the bust is about to begin.

He said Gladstone was looking towards a slow-down with the unfortunate timing of a population churn amid high housing numbers, the end of the LNG projects' construction phase and a slow-down in coal.

"Gladstone is very reliant on big projects but whether those happen or not is not in Gladstone's control."

With construction on the LNG plants set to finish around 2015, Professor Rolfe said Gladstone was missing a follow-up project to replace the large contingent of local workers.

"(LNG construction) ended up employing a lot more of the local workforce than was predicted...local construction is falling off quickly and there isn't anything to replace it," he said.

"There are two construction projects that would make a difference to Gladstone: one is Boulder Steel and the other is the Arrow (LNG) plant."