Irrigators can save cash by checking their own water meters

IRRIGATORS across regional Queensland who live in unsupplemented water areas could save up to $120 a year by reading their own water meters.

The State Government initiative is aimed at reducing costs passed on to consumers from companies who are currently responsible for reading water meters in unsupplemented water areas.

Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps said on Thursday the state-wide roll out of self-reading water meters would begin on June 30.

"There are nearly 5000 water meters in unsupplemented water areas throughout Queensland with each one usually needing to be read twice a year," he said.

"Self-reading of water meters is a common sense approach that will save irrigators money and continue to provide the Department of Natural Resources and Mines with vital data to help ensure water security for all water users.

"Importantly, self-reading will enable entitlement holders to self-manage their water use and check their meter reading equipment and irrigation systems are working correctly.

Mr Cripps said departmental officers would work directly with water users to ensure they understand how to read their water meters and submit readings.

"A new user-friendly online service, which is also compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, will make submitting meter readings quick and easy in just a few minutes," he said.

"We will monitor the accuracy of meter readings submitted by water entitlement holders through an education and compliance program including analysis of data and on-site visits."