Conservation Volunteer Iris Cosgrove.
Conservation Volunteer Iris Cosgrove. Christopher Chan GLA200113TREE

Iris passionate about helping nature flourish

CONSERVATION stalwart Iris Cosgrove has been working in the environmental field for about 10 years.

Her devotion and the satisfaction she received from improving the environment were what she said kept her going.

Ms Cosgrove was one of the conservation volunteers to join the Gladstone 4WD Club at the Boyne Beach Scrub Project on Sunday, January 20.

Ms Cosgrove said she first got involved with conservation after volunteering with other projects.

"I volunteered with conservation for about four years," she said.

"Then I got a job offer and thought, I can do this."

Ms Cosgrove said planting trees is her love.

"I love the outdoors.

"I'm a true country person."

Originally from Rockhampton, the environmental supporter has spent half her life in Gladstone.

Ms Cosgrove said she had always been passionate about the environment.

"People don't realise the importance of trees," she said.

The trees planted at the Boyne Beach Scrub Project would probably take five to 10 years to grow, the conservationist said.

"They will go up in the dunes and restore the sand dunes that have been eroded," Ms Cosgrove said.

Ms Cosgrove was thankful to the Fitzroy Basin Association for providing them with the opportunity to work with the four-wheel drive club and get the job done.