EXPENSES: The cost of Member for Blair Shayne Neumann and Oxley MP Milton Dick for three months has been revealed.
EXPENSES: The cost of Member for Blair Shayne Neumann and Oxley MP Milton Dick for three months has been revealed. Contributed

Million-dollar men: What these Ipswich MPs spent

TAXPAYERS have forked out more than $1.2 million in the past year to cover the costs of Ipswich's two federal Labor MPs.

A $2313 one-way flight from Brisbane to Perth and $4459 spent on 96,000 personalised letterheads were two items in the latest expense reports of Ipswich's politicians in Canberra.

The reports document Blair MP Shayne Neumann and Oxley MP Milton Dick's travel, car costs, office facilities, administration and employee expenses.

Mr Neumann's costs increased $25,829.84 on the previous quarter to a total of $165,115.89 between April and June.

Member for Oxley Milton Dick's expenses totalled $112,627.32 - up $37,201.08 on the January to May quarter.

Some of Mr Neumann's expenses are higher because of his role as Labor's immigration spokesman.

On May 11 Mr Neumann's one-night trip from Brisbane to Perth cost $4627.30 in airfares - an eye-watering $2313.65 each way.

Questions about the cost of the flights and other expenses were put to Mr Neumann's office.

"All expenses for the period of 1 April to 30 June 2018 were approved and within entitlements," a spokeswoman said.

In Mr Dick's Forest Lake office, $4459 was spent printing 96,000 personalised letterheads and envelopes for future communication with residents.

"This includes writing to homes to alert them to mobile offices, community forums and important local events," Mr Dick's spokesman said.

"The April to June quarter saw an increase in community engagement such as an electorate update newsletter delivered to homes and Australian flags which were purchased and presented to community groups and schools at their request.

"The previous reporting quarter also included the New Year holiday period which is traditionally a quieter time for community events."

Since July last year, Ipswich's two MPs have charged taxpayers $1,235,870.

Mr Neumann's annual expenses totalled $699,617 while Mr Dick cost $536,253.


Mr Neumann was the only one of the two MPs to access the family travel entitlement.

Two people travelled from Brisbane to Canberra on May 7 - returning on May 11 for a total cost of $2120,96.

The expenditure of Ipswich's MPs pales in comparison to that of Mr Neumann's opposite; Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who spent $364,096 from April to June.