Ipswich leads the way with blood donations

Lifeblood’s annual Councils’ Blood Challenge is currently running and Ipswich Donor Centre is receiving great support locally from team members at Ipswich City Council, so much so, that they’re currently in the number 7 spot nationwide with a total of 76 blood donations.

Lifeblood’s Councils’ Blood Challenge is an annual challenge open to all local councils throughout Australia, as they compete to see, which council can donate the most blood, plasma and platelets.

Local councils roll up their sleeves to donate blood or plasma during the challenge period each council creates a Lifeblood Team, and then encourages their team members who are aged 18 – 75 and eligible to donate, to give during the Challenge period. Every donation counts towards their team’s lifesaving donation tally.

Local councils can get a spot on the winner’s podium in one of four categories including:

  • Most donations
  • Most new donors
  • Most plasma donations
  • Highest year-on-year growth

Recently Somerset Regional Council CEO Andrew Johnson donated blood as well.

“I started donating back in 2003 through a similar blood drive like the Councils’ Blood Challenge,” he said.

“It was great to donate with my colleagues, lending our support to an important cause, and giving back to people in need.

“As you journey through life, you become aware of people whose life circumstances mean they need blood and blood products to survive.

“For me, donating blood every 12 weeks is such a simple way to make a difference.”

To learn more visit www.lifeblood.com.au