The internet's top under 10-second videos, from Reddit

When "Aptninja" asked the good people of Reddit to provide the best videos on the internet under 10 seconds in length, the good people of Reddit delivered.

While there have been over 8,000 comments on the thread in the past 48 hours, these are 15 of the best…


1. "And it's over to Arthur with the weather…"



2. Name a yellow fruit



3. Jackie Chan and probably the best death scene in the history of cinema




4. Classic Ron…




5. Talking of Ron: "Hey Ron"



6. An incredibly realistic recreation



7. Aaaaarggggh, by our own Steven Jacobs



8. "I don't even want it…"



9. The Coldplay turtle



10. Missing stapler




11. Egginem



12. Aaaaarggggh #2



13. "He he, yeah boyy"



14. It wouldn't be a list of internet without a cat video



15. Aaaaarggggh #3

God bless the internets.