IN FASHION: Angelina Taylor (left) models clothing from Gladstone boutique Style House Fashion alongside manager Gabrielle Hockings.
IN FASHION: Angelina Taylor (left) models clothing from Gladstone boutique Style House Fashion alongside manager Gabrielle Hockings. Matt Taylor GLA091118STYLE

International demand for online fashion business

GLADSTONE business Style House Fashion has gained national and international demand with its unique style of clothing and accessories.

The boutique offers women's clothing, leather bags, jewellery and accessories, with a personal touch and online shopping available.

Business manager Gabrielle Hockings said some days she couldn't believe she was able to pursue her lifelong passion of selling fashion.

While working full-time in local industry, Ms Hockings spends her spare time researching and studying what will be the next fashion trends.

"I have always had this passion for fashion and being business-minded for many years I now finally get to realise my dream of running a business," she said.

In her fourth year of business, Ms Hockings decided to to step up and take it to another level.

"My former business was Secret Emporium and that was just a hobby at the local markets selling handbags and jewellery," she said.

"There was a re-branding July this year to a new name and selling fashionable clothing to women."

Since going online, Style House Fashion has gained not just local shoppers' interest but national and international buyers as well.

Demand has come from almost every state in Australia and overseas such as the US and New Zealand.

For Gladstone customers there is a 24-hour express delivery and outside customers get a speedy and efficient service.

The most popular clothing items are the maxi dresses by Jaase that have exclusive prints with a mixture of vibrant colours, embroidery detail on the front and a breathtaking low tie back.

"The Australian labels are beautifully made with a rayon and cotton quality about them and they have this bohemian design that suits our climate," Ms Hockings said.

Also available are leather bags and clutches, with tassel and Moroccan designs.

The jewellery has boho and leather designs in earrings and necklaces.

Ms Hockings not only has an enthusiasm for the fashion industry but also for local businesses in general to gain success.

"I'm very passionate about small businesses to get up and running and prosper in Gladstone," she said.

Ms Hockings' fashion house achievements did not happen overnight and she had some good advice for anyone with a goal in life.

"If you have a dream in life then you will have to work hard at it and be patient and persistent with it and eventually it will happen," she said.