Interactive map promises to help allocate water

THE potential release of billions of litres of unallocated water reserves for future regional developments could result in thousands of jobs being created across the state.

Queensland currently has more than 1,321,543 ML of unallocated water reserves in catchments managed through various water resource plans.

Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps said on Thursday a new interactive 'Water for Queensland' map would provide valuable information to those who were interested in tapping into those reserves

He urged possible project backers to register their interest in accessing the allocated water.

"Future water releases will enable us to grow Queensland's agriculture as well as resources sector projects and tourism ventures," he said.

Mr Cripps said the interactive map would display the general reserve volumes of surface and sub-artesian groundwater available in each catchment or management area within the relevant water resource plan.

"In the last two years the government has released more than 113, 000 ML of unallocated water through three targeted release programs," he said.

"This is the first time a state government has provided an opportunity for water users to register their interest in general reserve unallocated water across the state simultaneously."

Water users have until October 17 to register their interest.

The map and relevant forms are available on the DNRM website.