Hugo Schreuder, Youi CEO.
Hugo Schreuder, Youi CEO.

Major insurer sets to grow Aussie base

YOUI NZ Pty Limited confirmed yesterday that it had entered into an agreement to transfer its New Zealand insurance portfolio to Tower Insurance Limited so it could focus on growth opportunities in Australia.

CEO Hugo Schreuder said the transfer would affect only about 30 New Zealand staff with the company maintaining a 200-staff call centre in Auckland while bringing all its energy, effort and focus to the Australian market.

The company's "follow the sun" service strategy allowed it to maximise customer contact by opening its service centres first in New Zealand, then on the Sunshine Coast, which maintains 1100 employees, and then South Africa.

Youi also has offices in every Australian capital city.

Mr Schreuder said Youi saw "right here, right now" opportunity in challenging the complacency or laziness tax 85 per cent of Australian insurance customers charged themselves by not shopping around for the best deal.

"If the 85 per cent who don't shop around were willing to shop around, they would be pleasantly surprised," he said.

Mr Schreuder said Youi was excited to be moving to a new chapter which would enable it to invest more in Australia.

The portfolio transfer should be complete by the end of the year.

Mr Schreuder said Youi was "super excited" about its recently posted financial result, describing it as the company's best set of numbers in years.

He said Youi was well on the way to becoming a household brand and growing to offer other products on top of car, home, boat and bike insurance.

What won't be changing is Youi's jersey sponsorship of the National Rugby League referees. "Every now and then we get a message from an irate fan," Mr Schreuder laughed.

But that he said was the exception rather than the rule.

He said biannual debriefs showed the sponsorship was a positive for the company.