A photo from the scene at Thangool on December 5, 2012 where a Ford Ranger rolled several times.
A photo from the scene at Thangool on December 5, 2012 where a Ford Ranger rolled several times.

Insurance company sues drunk driver for more than $1.5m

A WANDAL man is being sued by an insurance company for more than $1.5 million after an accident in Thangool in 2012 when he was intoxicated.

Adam Stott is being sued by AAI Limited, trading as Suncorp Insurance, for damages for a "motor vehicle accident caused by the defendant being unable to exercise effective control of the vehicle because of alcohol consumption".

Mr Stott was driving a Ford Ranger ute with two passengers on December 4, 2012 at 5.45pm.

Mr Stott was driving south on the Burnett Hwy at Thangool, when he turned left at Cox Millard Rd and lost control of the vehicle.

The ute hit a patch of dirt and rolled several times.

It was reported four people were injured, including one who was in a critical condition and was flown to Brisbane.

AAI Limited has claimed Mr Stott's judgment was impaired, he was drowsy, his visual, auditory and cognitive function was impaired, and his reflexes and reaction times were decreased.

They allege due to his intoxication, he was not fully alert and aware of the vehicle's position, the road conditions and his surroundings.

AAI Limited further claim, due to Mr Stott's inability to exercise effective control of the vehicle, he drove in a manner that caused him to lose control and drove at excessive speed.

Two injured passengers each made a CTP claim against AAI Limited.

These CTP claims were finalised on October 28, 2015.

One passenger received $676,013.37 and the other received $980,387.53.

Court documents show AAI Limited is entitled to recover the debt from Mr Stott.

AAI Limited is claiming damages of $1,656,400.90 plus interest from 2015 to 2019 of $380,263.16.

Court costs of $4642.45 are also claimed.

The claim was filed in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton on January 14 by Moray and Agnew Lawyers of Brisbane.

A defence has not yet been filed.