Mum-trepreneur and Gympie success story Jody Allen.
Mum-trepreneur and Gympie success story Jody Allen. Bambi Wixon

Mum creates her own reality

ONCE upon a time - not that long ago - Jody Allen would have been called an entrepreneur.

The massive strides in technology brings with it a whole new vocabulary and with her hugely successful website - www.stayathome - Jody is known as a mum-trepreneur.

Her growing website and its popularity means Jody now writes for no less than five magazines including Grazia and Take 5.

"We get more than 300,000 hits on the website and now lots of major sponsors," she said.

"When I started to blog I got 170 hits in six months and then it went down.

"I was going to delete it and I woke up one day and it was up to 1500 hits per day and now there's almost 40,000 "likers" on Facebook."

For those who find themselves floundering in this age of instant communication, that basically means 1500 people a day visit Jody's website and 40,000 people like something they read on it.

"I think part of the appeal is that I don't pretend to be perfect.

"The site was named best Aussie mum blog for 2011 by Circle of Mums."

While Jody's family is immensely proud of her, "they don't really know what blogging is" - except for husband Brendan who Jody says is "an angel."

Well-known brands including Omo and Guardian Insurance have come on board as advertisers on the stayathomemum site and the more successful the site, the more it attracts the biggest brands but Jody also loves that the smaller advertisers are on her site.

Having done her time chasing advertisers and now having them come to her, Jody says it's a good thing because the cost of maintaining a blog site "is really expensive".

She uses local businesses whenever and wherever she can.

Next year, Jody hopes to expand her website "10-fold" and is planning to teach people how to start their own blog and get paid for it.

While the focus of the site will still be saving money, she will also introduce parenting and weight loss and fitness.

"Australia has the most bloggers per capita."

As it is, Jody does 24 blogs per week including recipes and works up to 105 hours a week thanks to her "supportive husband."