Beth Young, sections co-ordinator at the Gladstone Observer.
Beth Young, sections co-ordinator at the Gladstone Observer. Brenda Strong

Our region may be industrial, but it is also beautiful

YOU know what I'm absolutely jack of?

Folks saying there is nothing to do in Gladstone.


I've lived here only 18 months but I've become quite protective of our town.

And my social calendar is probably fuller than it's ever been.

I've heard countless whinges about what Gladstone lacks: no shopping, no restaurant scene, no nightlife.


I'd like to hear more talk about what Gladstone does have.

I think we're pretty lucky.

Yep, we live in an industrial town.

But we have so many natural attractions on our doorstep.

There's Mount Larcom, 1770, Tannum Beach and, my favourite, Lake Awoonga.

This might sound a bit sappy but I'm often taken aback at how beautiful it is here.

I've just moved to the centre of town.

Some afternoons, I'll take a walk across the bridge towards the marina and skirt the harbour all the way to the end.

It's pretty perfect at that time of day.

Our photographer, Christopher Chan, captured the gorgeous shot of the Calliope River that's is on the front page of Community Advocate.

And he has more!

We'd like to see yours, too.

Share your photographs that show our region at its best through our media request form on this page or share them on The Observer Facebook page.