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Independent tribunal to set Qld MPs new pays by Oct 15

QUEENSLAND has set up an independent tribunal to determine MPs' pays following public outrages over massive pay hikes granted to parliamentarians.

The salaries, allowances and entitlements of all MPs will be set by the tribunal establish nder new laws introduced to Parliament on Tuesday.

The creation of the Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal will ensure politicians can no longer interfere with their pay.

Then Acting Premier Jeff Seeney created a media storm last month when he announced a $57,000 pay rise for MPs - 41%, after a previous Labor freeze was found to be unlawful.

State MPs wages have been tied to those of their federal counterparts.

The increases would have meant Premier Campbell Newman would receive almost $400,000, a similar amount to what US President Barack Obama is paid.

Mr Newman said the establishment of the Tribunal would guarantee State MP entitlements were decided in an independent and open way.

"We have drawn a line in the sand to ensure no Queensland politician, current or retired, will get a pay rise under the system distorted and manipulated by the former Labor Government," he said in a statement

"We are sorting this mess out once and for all, in a totally independent and transparent manner.

"The Tribunal will independently review the remuneration of Members and former Members, and will make legally binding determinations about the level of salaries, allowances and entitlements.

"The legislation ensures the Tribunal operates independently, impartially and fairly. The Tribunal will not be subject to any direction by me as Premier, or by any other Member of Parliament."

The Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal Bill 2013:

•        breaks the legislative nexus between the salaries of Queensland and Commonwealth Members
•        formally establishes the Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal under legislation
•        provides that the determinations of the Tribunal are independent, binding and not subject to change by Members
•        legislates to ensure that back pay for current and former Members is only applicable from 1 July 2013
•        provides that the Tribunal must ensure that any allowances are to reflect the amount of reasonable expenses incurred by a Member in servicing their electorate and that the allowances are not a substitute for other remuneration

The Tribunal will make its first determination by 15 October 2013.

Members of the public can view information about the Tribunal by visiting a new website: