The reactions make this photo awesome.
The reactions make this photo awesome.

Incredible photo captures one wild ride

DUKE doesn't lose.

The American college with the No.1 ranked basketball team in the entire country is supposed to steamroll everyone - but nobody told Stephen F. Austin.

The university from the small city of Nacogdoches, Texas, with a population of just over 30,000 became the first unranked school from a non-Power Conference to beat the Blue Devils on their home court since 1983 after Nathan Bain hit a breakaway lay-up on the buzzer to steal a stunning 85-83 win on Wednesday.

The Lumberjacks recovered a loose ball in the dying seconds of overtime and Bain - from the Bahamas - took a pass at his own free throw line, then dribbled the length of the court and sank a lay-up just ahead of the final buzzer to complete an astonishing upset over the NBA's top talent feeder system.

And it was easy to see how much the result meant - to both sides.

An incredible photo taken by Associated Press snapper Gerry Broome perfectly captured Bain's elation contrasted with the despair of Duke fans who witnessed something they wished they didn't.

Bain’s basket sparked pandemonium.
Bain’s basket sparked pandemonium.

Bain's face says it all. His thrilling last-gasp play made him an instant hero, and he knew it.

But the dirty looks behind him tell a different story. In the front row, the man on the far left and the woman with a child on her lap all look like they've been told they're not actually going to Disneyland, but are instead off to the dentist.

The man behind her is turning away in disgust while behind him, two Duke fans are in shock.

The woman holding her face in her hands resembles someone who's turned up to a bar for a blind date, seen the person they're spending the evening with and instantly regrets every life decision that's led them to that point.

Old mate next to her is either so stunned his mouth is making an "O" shape, or he's mid-yawn. We're assuming the former.

And what about the guy on the far left? Well, he looks like he's just happy to be there, or doing his best impersonation of a teenage girl who was given a lock of Justin Bieber's hair for Christmas.

He may not be highlighted, but the older gent directly behind Bain's right shoulder with his left hand up to his mouth looks like he's recovering after accidentally dropping a swear word at a fancy dinner party with the in-laws.

But the photo's not the best part of the upset that stunned America. Not even close.

That honour goes to Bain, but for a reason far more important than what he did on the court.

This is the moment that sparked pandemonium.
This is the moment that sparked pandemonium.

The youngster was interviewed after his magical play and revealed the hardship his family has endured this year, losing nearly everything they owned including his father's church after Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas in September.

"I'm trying real hard not to get emotional," Bain said as he fought back tears. "My family lost a whole lot this year - woo, not going to cry on TV.

"My family lost a whole lot this year, and I'm just playing this game for them. Just playing for my SFA family, my family back home in the Bahamas.

"I just want to make my country proud and my whole team is behind me.

"When everything happened earlier in the year, they had my back and I just wanted to return the favour."

Sad as the revelation was, it's led to a huge financial windfall after Bain's game-winner sparked a spike in donations to a GoFundMe account set up to help the player's family rebuild in the aftermath of Dorian, considered the worst national disaster in the Bahamas' history.

The page that university officials started for Bain, one they considered closing after raising $AUD3000 with no donations for a month, had raised more than $90,000 by Thursday morning (AEST) - well over the original $37,000 goal and even the revised $75,000 one.

It turns out staying in school does pay.