Increased flaring likely from GLNG in coming days

THERE will be increased flaring and potentially some smoke from the GLNG flare, as the project continues its work to commission its first train.

It will begin the drying out and subsequent cooling down of the liquefaction units shortly.

When this is complete the plant's main flare should return to its normal operation, which may include occasional periods of increased flaring.

A statement from the company read: "Flaring is an integral part of our plant's operational and safety management systems.

"We monitor and manage air quality emissions in accordance with the Environmental Authority."

For more information regarding air quality view the Queensland Government's monitoring results for the Gladstone region here.

Enquiries can be directed to the GLNG Gladstone team on 1800 761 113, at, or by visiting Santos GLNG at 114 Goondoon Street.