INCLUSIVE: Julianne Impiccini wears a lot of hats, she's a performing artist, lecturer and mother
INCLUSIVE: Julianne Impiccini wears a lot of hats, she's a performing artist, lecturer and mother Mike Richards GLA211017DNCE

Inclusive drama school to run Gladstone pilot

BRINGING together children with disabilities, rather than segregating them, is the idea behind a program coming to Gladstone.

Screech Arts is a not-for- profit, inclusive performing arts school for creative types and is affiliated with CPL (Choice, Passion, Life).

It operates in Brisbane, Townsville and Toowoomba, but plans to set up a program in Gladstone early next year.

A free workshop, to gauge community interest, will be held next weekend, and Screech Arts has found the perfect person to run it.

Julianne Impiccini is a long-term Gladstone local and was responsible for directing the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang earlier this year.

Ms Impiccini is also a lecturer in education, literacy, diversity inclusion and the arts at CQUniversity's Gladstone Marina campus.

She said the workshop already had six confirmed attendees.

"I think that it is so needed because my own son has Down Syndrome and we are always looking for avenues for creative expression," she said.

"The arts provides a vibrant platform for people with disabilities to be heard and seen and to make powerful statements or just to have some fun."

Ms Impiccini believed children of all abilities working together benefited everyone.

The trial two-hour workshop will be based on a sensory approach using sound, visuals, textures, props and token costumes, musical instruments and even tastes and smells.

Participants will be introduced to creative movement and expression and work towards a dramatic experience to share with their family at the end.

Martina Cross, Screech Arts state wide co-ordinator and facilitator, said as the program grew, it would diversify from pure theatre to embrace dance, film, script writing and set design.

Ms Cross said six people or more was sufficient for the Gladstone trial, but ideally the group wanted about 24, enough for a full performance cast.


What: Free drama workshop on Saturday October 28 at 10am - 2pm

Where? CPL Gladstone 62 Toolooa Street