The Gladstone courthouse.
The Gladstone courthouse.

IN COURT: 18 people listed to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day a number of people appear in Gladstone court, on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, July 3.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.

Gladstone Magistrates Court:

Burrows, Hemi Rangi

Conlan, Caine Mark

Cooke, Wayne Leslie Mark

Cowper, Peter Robert,

Ezekiela, Kiri Jade Maree

Fleetwood, Michael

Gibson, Trevor Clint

Keech, Barry

Keech, Carol

Lunau, Hagen Walter

Mamalis, Christos

Mcadam, Guy

Mcadam, Sharon

Neill, Steven Scott

Phillips, Anthony Roy

Pines, Laura

Ware, Timothy John

Wilson, Matthew David