What's wrong with calling your child Ned Kelly?

In Australia, there are some rules around what you decide to name your baby. We published a list of names that are banned in Australia, some included Medicare, Panties, Lucifer and Batman.


Robert Kelly: Nothing wrong with Ned Kelly, I know a couple of Jessie James but that's not banned.....how unaustralian is that


Tyarna Ferguson: Ned Kelly is an odd ban though?


Linda Schenckel: I heard a mother talking to her little daughters one was called Fire. At first she yelled at her "FIRE!" and that got my attention. Later I heard her tell her other child to go and play with Fire.


Alex Manning: That's bulls**t. I really wanted to name my next child bonghead


Cindy Bellini-Hogarth: Samantha Alexander looks like you will have to find another name - pieandsauce is not very popular


Palma Smyth : List is not long enough. It should include stupid spellings of normal names, and giving girls boy's names and vice versa


Nicola Waterreus: What's wrong with Batman?


Tracey Loweke: Worst name I've seen is Reefer