Mud crabs will take the stage.
Mud crabs will take the stage. Mike Richards GLA230417CRAB

In a crabby mood? This 'quirky' Australia Day event may help

CRABS will take the stage this Australia Day at the Agnes Water Tavern.

General manager Jack Michelmore said the tavern had their inaugural Australia Day crab races last year and the successful event had made a return.

Mr Michelmore said Saturday's races would be run in four heats with four mud crabs competing in each heat.

"They're on a stage with four milk crates as cages,” Mr Michelmore said. "And as it's starting you lift the crates up and the first one to drop off the edge of the stage (wins).”

"Often they just sit there.

"It's usually won by one crab all of a sudden that just races over the edge.”

He said it could take anywhere between one and five minutes for a winner to emerge.

The crabs are supplied by the tavern and auctioned off before races, with some from last year selling for up to $350.

Mr Michelmore said last year's winning crab owner took home $1000 in prize money.

"The prize money is put in a kitty so whatever the auction makes, a percentage of that goes to the first and second prize winners,” he said.

"It all depends on what the auction brings.”

He said he thought the eccentric form of animal racing was a hit because of its relevance to the Agnes Water area.

"We're close to the ocean so it's very relative to our area. People love going crabbing themselves and it's also something quirky, something different,” Mr Michelmore said.

Saturday's event at the Agnes Water Tavern will start 2.30pm.

Spectators are welcome.

Noor Gillani