WEIGHT LOSS: Tamara Andrews lost more than 40kg and feels a million dollars. Photo Craig Warhurst/ The Gympie Times
WEIGHT LOSS: Tamara Andrews lost more than 40kg and feels a million dollars. Photo Craig Warhurst/ The Gympie Times Craig Warhurst

43kg weight loss started with supermarket barb

TAMARA Andrews was reaching down to the bottom shelf in the supermarket for a packet of biscuits for her three-year-old daughter when she heard the titters of two young women behind her.

When she heard one of them whisper to the other, "I feel sorry for the daughter, she'll end up as a big fat c*** too…" her cheeks burned with shame and she couldn't wait to get out of the store.

Tamara says it was just the impetus she needed to make drastic changes to her life, starting with her diet.

She recalled with disgust the amount of food she used to eat on a typical day:

Breakfast was an average of 10 weetbix with a chopped-up banana.

Then at lunch she would have four packets of instant noodles and two large energy drinks.

In the afternoon she found herself snacking on cake or lollies, and a large packet of Grain Waves chips.

Dinner would consist of two portions of chicken Kiev and enough mashed potato to serve three people.

For dessert, Tamara admits to eating a 1.5l tub of ice-cream and then during the course of the evening she would also enjoy a 200g block of chocolate and another large packet of Grain Waves chips.

She also said she frequently had take-away too, like KFC or McDonald's.

"It was the kick up the bum I needed. Before that, I had got to the point where I would say to myself, yeah I'm fat, whatever," she said.

After that day in the supermarket, 11 months ago, Tamara decided to go cold turkey and after research embarked on a version of the Atkins diet.

By cutting her sugar, carbohydrate, grain and dairy intake she saw the weight start to melt off her.

After five months, she found her weight had plateaued so she did some more research and embarked upon an exercise regimen doing a combination of pilates and working with kettlebell weights.

Now, 11 months later, she has lost a staggering 43kg, putting her firmly in the middle of the healthy weight range for her height.

Tamara also credits some of her success to a free website called Fat Secret Australia, which has lots of information and tools to aid anyone wishing to learn to eat healthier, including diaries to log food or exercise, nutrition information, a weight log and journal and mobile phone apps to help stay motivated.