Women's sides head into finals

THIS season the local Australian rules women’s players are showing the men how to play.

The skill level demonstrated on the footy field is a mile a head of that demonstrated in last year’s women’s competition.

Megan Hunt, who got the competition off the ground last year, is impressed with the level of football being played.

“Last year everyone was average but you can see an improvement in a number of players this season,” Hunt said.

“The Mudcrabs team in particular has really improved and are standing out in the competition.”

The 10-round competition is coming to an end, with the finals in Rockhampton on Sunday.

The women’s finals will be one round of knockouts and straight into the grand final.

BITs will play Brothers and Muddies will play Yeppoon.

“I am pretty certain it will be a BITs and Muddies grand final. We have been one and two all year and are really playing above the rest of the competition,” Hunt said.

“As to who will actually win I am not too sure, it will be a very close match. We have both won one and lost one against each other this year, so it will come down to whoever plays better.”

Due to the interest in the sport, AFL Capricornia will be looking to make the competition a 15-round event like the men’s.