GENEROUS: Jayden Ryan with the donations the Ryan family have been collecting for Ronald McDonald House Charities.
GENEROUS: Jayden Ryan with the donations the Ryan family have been collecting for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Mum's plea to others after baby's ICU ordeal

AFTER nearly losing her son last year, Julie Ryan is giving back to the people that helped her.

So far she's been busy collecting hundreds of grocery items and biscuits for Ronald McDonald House.

Mrs Ryan spent a few nights at the Ronald McDonald House near the Queensland Children's Hospital after her son Jayden was admitted in December.

The then seven-month-old was found to be suffering from complicated pneumonia, influenza and the clinical symptoms of meningitis.

He also contracted a bacterial infection in his blood at the same time.

The baby was "going downhill very fast" and once admitted was placed in intensive care.

"Just past midnight that's when they intubated him and put him on life support," Mrs Ryan told the QT at the time.


Ronald McDonald House wishlist
Ronald McDonald House wishlist

Mrs Ryan said she wanted to give back to Ronald McDonald House Charities as a thank you for their support during the ordeal.

"You never know when you're going to be in that situation (and need Ronald McDonald House).

"They need $3.4 million to open the doors each year."

"They don't even have a biscuit donor and go through 15 to 20 packets a week.

"I rang them and said 'how can I help'."

Since then the Springfield family have put the call out for community help and the response has been huge.

"Strangers have been dropping off food. It's been absolutely amazing, we're so lucky we live here."

"There's been a lot of community support, but they always need an ongoing supply of sweet biscuits. It's something parents can grab on their way to ICU."

Thankfully Jayden was able to come home from hospital after two weeks.

He's been recovering at home and a recent check up showed his lungs were nearly back to normal.

But his immune system has been compromised.

"He just hasn't been well since coming out, but still so happy. His immunity will build up. I'm so blessed he made it through.

"Some people don't make it home with their kids and I don't want to think of that."

In a couple of weeks time the Ronald McDonald House will pick up all the donations.

"We'll aim to do it a few times a year."

A Go Fund Me campaign, set up by family friends to raise $5000 for the charity, has raised $1300, see