Clean-shaven lad just itching to grow a mo’ for charity

MOST people I know think it's just great that I've decided to grow a mo' for Movember. Just one problem, though - they don't have to live with it.

As the hairy abomination has gradually taken over my top lip, plenty people have been lining up to congratulate me on my skills, if simply not shaving can be considered a skill.

Not that I'm not grateful for all the support for the mo', it's just that I can't wait to shave it off.

Perhaps it's because I'm usually a clean-shaven lad, but it's getting annoying.

I haven't gained any extra superpowers either from growing this mo' either, which I have to say is a touch disappointing.

Speaking with other once-a-year mo' men, they've told me the same. But, we mo' men plough on for the sake of charity.

So the next time you see a mo' man in the street, ask him whether or not you could chuck a few dollars towards charity.

It'll make the itch a little less onerous.