‘I’m a f***ing murderer’: Accused



Slain Australian woman Amy Parsons' fiance Roderick Deakin-White told police he was a "f***ing murderer" who "deserved whatever" he gets, according to police body camera footage played to a court.

Deakin-White, 38, struck Ms Parsons, 35, with a chin-up bar while she was in the shower after they had discussed breaking up. He has admitted manslaughter, but denied murder.

"It is not all right. I am a f***king murderer. I have done a horrible thing," Deakin-White said in body cam footage played to Snaresbrook Crown Court overnight Australian time.

"I left the flat. Oh my God, I am sorry, I am sorry. I tried to kill myself but I did not have it in me."

Facebook image of Melbourne woman Amy Parsons, pictured with her fiance Roderick Deakin-White. Picture: Supplied
Facebook image of Melbourne woman Amy Parsons, pictured with her fiance Roderick Deakin-White. Picture: Supplied

Police at Tottenham Hale Station in north London then asked for more detail.

"She went to get a shower and then I was talking to her in the shower and then I grabbed a thing that was by the door - the thing that you do the lift ups with," Deakin-White said.

"Then for a tenth of a second, I thought 'what the hell are you doing?' And then I just lost control."

"I have left it too late. I am sorry. I thought I had imagined it. It felt like a dream, it did not feel real. I just lost control. I deserve whatever I get."

Ms Parsons' final scream lasted up to three minutes, neighbours confirmed.

Neighbour Asad Akhtar, a student, heard one long scream on the night Ms Parsons was killed, the court heard.

Deakin-White and Melbourne woman Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied
Deakin-White and Melbourne woman Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied

"I heard screaming, a female scream coming from outside and then I heard banging. It was almost impossible to differentiate," he told Snaresbrook Crown Court in London.

"It was just one loud, long scream for roughly two to three minutes."

He left his flat and confirmed the noise was coming from flat 17 where Ms Parsons and Deakin-White had lived in east London.

"It was as if somebody was very terrified," Mr Akhtar said.

"Slowly it became less intense and just sort of died out, but I could still hear the banging going on for one minute or one-and-a-half minutes."

Ms Parsons had been with Deakin-White for eight years but he had become dependent on her, emotionally and financially.

She had started a new relationship with workmate James Saunders, and the pair had been seen together smiling and kissing in Bluebell Wood, north London shortly before her death.

Later, she went to a pub with Deakin-White and his brother where she sang into a microphone.

Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied
Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied

Cameron Rastall, a friend of Ms Parsons, told the court of her tearful and "mixed emotions" when she confided in him about her affair that night.

"We were having a good time and then she would get emotional. She told me that she had been seeing someone else," he said.

"She said she was finding it tough and she was in two minds. There were a lot of mixed emotions."

Ms Parsons told Mr Rastall that Deakin-White had been distant.

"She said that Rod was not giving her the attention that she needed, and the new person she had found was giving her the attention and that was what she liked," he said.

A court has previously heard that Deakin-White, who had a fetish for cross dressing, killed Ms Parsons with an iron bar while she was in the shower.

Roderick Deakin-White and Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied
Roderick Deakin-White and Amy Parsons. Picture: Supplied

He confessed his crime to a houseboat owner on a London canal, who found him without shoes and wearing a Christmas themed jumper, the day after the alleged murder.

Radu Racarean, the houseboat owner, said he thought at first that Deakin-White was "homeless".

In his statement, read to the court, Mr Racarean said: "He asked for a cigarette and I gave him one. He mentioned he had been mugged. He said 'they took my phone.'

"He also mentioned that somebody had let him stay on another boat recently and had given him a jumper. I got him some food.

"He said he had tried to kill himself twice in just two days. He told me he had a rope on him."

They walked to a cafe where Mr Racarean said he encouraged Deakin-White to hand himself into police.

"He then said something like 'I think I killed her. I hit her with something.' He seemed really affected.

Amy Parsons, who was killed in London. Picture: Supplied
Amy Parsons, who was killed in London. Picture: Supplied

"She said she was leaving him and he begged her not to go to the other man.

"He said there was a moment when he held back while he was hitting her, but then he carried on."

Mr Racarean and the accused then walked 25 minutes to Tottenham Hale Police Station where Deakin-White called his father and told him that his "son is a murderer".

The trial continues.