Iggy Stevenson is treated in Toowoomba Hospital after being accidentally runover by his father Andrew Stevenson in the driveway of a Harlaxton home.
Iggy Stevenson is treated in Toowoomba Hospital after being accidentally runover by his father Andrew Stevenson in the driveway of a Harlaxton home. Photo Contributed

Toddler fights back after being run over by dad

BRAVE Iggy Stevenson has made a remarkable recovery a year after being run over by his dad in the driveway of a Toowoomba home.

Iggy was two-years-old when he was on holiday with mum, dad and four siblings on January 11 last year.

They had only been in Toowoomba for about an hour when dad Andrew Stevenson lived every parent's worst nightmare.

"We had been on holidays for two weeks, travelling from Bowen to Sydney to see the New Year's fireworks, Canberra to see Parliament House and the War Museum and were on our way back home when we arrived in Toowoomba to visit my sister," Mr Stevenson said.

They were at his sister's Gleeson Crescent home in Harlaxton when Mr Stevenson decided to move the family's pop-top trailer to the backyard.

"I could not reverse it between the house and the garden shed so I decided to drive around the block and park it on the front footpath."

As he drove forward, Mr Stevenson heard his partner Jacqui Courte scream "stop, stop, the baby".

She had seen Iggy's little red shirt appear at the front of the family's van.

"When I realised what she had said and that I had parked on top of Iggy, I reversed back off him immediately.

"I couldn't think what to do.

"I'd just done the one thing every parent dreads."

He saw his boy shut his eyes and stop breathing.

"I didn't try to resuscitate him as the one thing that was going through my head was that I'd done this, I'd caused him to be in pain and lose consciousness.

"What if I did more damage than good if I tried?"

Enjoying a trip to Sydney are (from left) Nathaniel, Deklan, myself, Iggy, Austin and Helayna Stevenson with their mum Jacqui Courte. Iggy was seriously injured when was accidentally run over by his father in the driveway of a Harlaxton home on January 11, 2014. He has since recovered well. Photo Contributed
Andrew Stevenson (centre) enjoys a trip to Sydney with his partner Jacqui Courte and their children (from left) Nathaniel, Deklan, Iggy, Austin and Helayna. Photo Contributed

However, Mr Stevenson's sister Cathy did start the process, placing Iggy in the recovery position and checking his airways.

She then began giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

"He began breathing again by himself, so Cathy monitored him until the emergency services arrived shortly after."

Iggy had sustained a dislocated shoulder, a lacerated spleen, a tear in his left kidney, a fractured pelvis, three fractured ribs, bruising and bleeding of his lungs and some grazes on his arm and right side.

He was admitted to Toowoomba Hospital but then flown a short time later to the Intensive Care Unit of the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane.

Iggy did not require surgery but was kept under observation until his discharge 10 days later.

Since then, he has had multiple doctors' appointments for his kidney injury.

But in general, he has made a full recovery.

"Jacqui and I have noticed he has a much brighter outlook on everything around him," Mr Stevenson said.

"We don't know if he remembers the accident, but he has changed.

"He sees everything as new and exciting."

The whole ordeal has made Mr Stevenson's family more aware of how quickly accidents happen and easily they could lose a loved one.

"Twelve months later we still think about the accident and reflect on our reactions.

"Would we have done it differently?

"We'd like to think we could.

"But in reality we don't want to experience anything like it ever again."

Mr Stevenson wanted to express his gratitude to the people who saved his son.

"We say thank you to all of the emergency services, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and family who've helped us."

He gave particular mention to his sister Cathy for her calmness, quick thinking and support as well as the RACQ CareFlight helicopter crew who flew his son to Brisbane.