‘Ice mum’ in secret CCC ‘star chamber’ grilling


A Queensland beauty therapist accused of masterminding the trafficking of ice has taken one of the most senior officers of the state's Crime and Corruption Commission to court in a stoush over her refusal to answer their questions.

Chloe Victoria Smith who police allege is one of the masterminds of an ice network spanning from the Gold Coast to Cairns which has links to the Finks bikie gang, refused to answer questions at a secret CCC "star chamber" hearing on October 13, court documents state.

Ms Smith, 26 a mother of three from Mackay, claimed she had a "reasonable excuse" not to answer, but the CCC's Director of Crime Hearings and Legal Services, Michael Scott ruled that she did not have one.

Ms Smith has applied to the Supreme Court in Brisbane in a bid to overturn Mr Scott's ruling.

Ms Smith was charged with trafficking the drug ice and trafficking in cannabis after police raided the Shoal Point house near Mackay, she shared with co-accused and her boyfriend Reece William Luscombe on March 30.

Chloe Victoria Smith. Picture: Supplied Facebook
Chloe Victoria Smith. Picture: Supplied Facebook

Ms Smith, who has three children aged between one and six, is facing 42 charges, including supply charges.

When police raided their home they allegedly found $108,620 under the stove which police allege belongs to Smith and/or Luscombe.

Police also allegedly found flakes of gold in a kitchen cupboard above the toaster, as well as 320 grams of the drug ice, a .45 calibre 1911 Colt MK IV series handgun and a .22 calibre Phoenix H22 handgun, both loaded with ammunition.

The case is due in court on November 5.

Originally published as 'Ice mum' in secret CCC 'star chamber' grilling