‘I was half asleep’: Edwina’s stunning tweet


Channel 9 is reportedly considering legal action over an extraordinary tweet posted by Seven star Edwina Bartholomew.

Nine News Melbourne published a tweet of its own on Thursday featuring reporter Seb Costello, who filed a report outside the Victorian state parliament after a security scare.

A man had driven a vehicle containing flammable liquid to the front steps of the building and threatened to set himself on fire.

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Bartholomew posted a reply to the tweet on Saturday morning, saying: "Surprisingly articulate for a (censored)." We can't reveal the word she used for legal reasons.

Her tweet was deleted 50 minutes later.

Edwina Bartholomew's tweet has since been deleted. Picture: Twitter
Edwina Bartholomew's tweet has since been deleted. Picture: Twitter

Bartholomew is currently in London on assignment for Sunrise. The Herald Sun reached her for comment.

"I was half asleep and on the other side of the world," she said.

"My apologies to Seb and all involved. No offence was intended and hopefully none was taken.

"It was clearly a mistake and the errant tweet has been deleted."

TV Blackbox reports Nine management has held discussions with its legal team to decide on a course of action.

Nine and Seven are not making public comments at this time.

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Bartholomew and her husband Neil Varcoe are expecting their first child. She announced her pregnancy on air in June.

Earlier this month, she spoke to the New Daily about the exhausting challenge of doing TV while pregnant, admitting it was "quite torturous".

First, she told the publication she felt good, but a day later got in touch with the truth.

"After speaking yesterday, I returned home to have a nap on the couch for three hours and then went to bed at 8pm and still couldn't get up to work at 5am," she admitted.

"So please disregard my comments about feeling hunky dory. Turns out that's bulls*** and I'm buggered. I think I probably just needed to admit that to myself."

Bartholomew and Varcoe are also in the process of renovating their Sydney home.