Driving in Gladstone a dream compared to Brissy gridlock

NOW I know why we decided to live in Gladstone.

I flew to Brisbane on Monday afternoon in preparation for a conference on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

From Brisbane Airport I travelled with three other colleagues to the coast by rental car.

By the time all had arrived at the airport from their destinations north of Gladstone, and we got out onto the highway, it was just after 5pm.

Rush hour, or two.

We stopped and started, crawled, stopped again, all along the M1 as every man and his dog decided it was time to go home after work.

Back here in Gladstone I can hop in the car at home and be at work within four minutes. I know, I know, if it's that close I should be walking, but I need to use the car during my working day, so that's the way it is.

It took us over two hours to get to our destination on Monday night, and then it was a late dinner.

On Wednesday afternoon we returned to the airport, and I was sooo pleased that we were travelling towards Brisbane because at 4pm the highway heading out of the city was bumper to bumper.

We had a most enjoyable trip back. Two blokes in the front talking initially about the conference, but then about cars - my favourite topic.

The ladies in the back talked and talked all the way, hardly stopping for a breath. But I guess that's what we were doing too.

We were so busy with our very serious discussion that I almost missed the airport turnoff - which could have been a mite embarrassing and I'm sure I wouldn't have heard the end of it for some months.

Not quite sure how far I would have had to go to get back onto it - no doubt some kilometres. I managed to scrape my way into the correct lane with moments to spare.

As it turned out we got to the airport in plenty of time. The others took off on their flights and it was just me left waiting for my flight which had been delayed an hour.

Guess I was lucky it was just an hour. One of our reporters last Monday went to Melbourne airport to make her way back to work after leave, only to find that she'd booked her flight for the following day, so she had to cool her heels for 24 hours and try again. Isn't travel fun?!