‘I just punched the f*** out of you’, rapist tells victim


A MAN who proudly said "I just punched the f--- out of you" after brutally raping a woman three times in Cairns has been sentenced to seven years jail and declared a serious violent offender.

The man, 47, who was arrested interstate six months after the offending, faced sentencing in the Cairns District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to three counts of rape.

The court heard that on January 19, 2017, two days after his victim ended their one-year relationship, he asked to stay at her premises until he could find a new place.

About 9.30pm, the man, who had served in the army, entered her bedroom and raped her. At one point, he told her: "We both know it's going to happen", before forcing himself onto her.

The court heard he was "rough" and called her abusive and derogatory names during the ordeal.


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The sexual violence left her in so much pain, she found it difficult to walk and sit for about 1½ weeks.

During the sentencing, Judge Tracy Fantin said the victim impact statement showed it was "an appalling assault" that "involved extra brutality" for one of the counts.

"During the incident, she thought she was going to die … she felt it was never going to end," Judge Fantin said. "She couldn't believe how someone she could trust could do that to her. She was convinced you were going to kill her."

The court heard she had also suffered insomnia, anxiety attacks, nightmares and paranoia. Judge Fantin said the offending was aggravated by the victim saying no repeatedly, him using "over and above" force, use of abusive and denigrating names and use of violence.

The court heard that shortly after the attack, the victim was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Judge Fantin said a mental health report showed the man's narcissistic personality led to the offending after he did not cope with the relationship's end and blamed her for making him homeless.

The report also stated that the man, who initially minimised his offending, was on medication after being diagnosed with PTSD but the condition was not related to the offending.

Earlier in the hearing, defence barrister Michael Dalton argued for eight years jail with parole eligibility after 32 months and no declaration of the offending being serious violence.

Crown Prosecutor Gelma Meoli argued for seven years with the declaration, meaning the offender would be eligible for parole after serving 80 per cent of the term.


Originally published as 'I just punched the f*** out of you', rapist tells victim