Being at the ground with other Blues supporters was magical

OKAY, I have to say it, congratulations to the NSW Blues on victory last week in the second State of Origin game to wrap up this year's series.

There I've said it, and can I also say congratulations to Queensland for being such great sports and coming second again.

Being at the ground with the other Blues supporters was magical, and something I won't forget in a hurry.

Plus having the family with me just made it even more special.

I can't wait to do it all again next year, this time with a crazy blue wig instead of dreadlocks!

The other part of this story is an ad I saw in this paper yesterday for tickets to the third game which is in Brisbane in two weeks.

The ad was quoting a ticket to the game, accommodation and breakfast all for the bargain price of $659 per person.

After I fell off my chair I hunted around to see if there were any other offers being thrown around and I nearly died.

One friend said she had been quoted $800 per ticket, but that included a return airfare with no accommodation, and then another told me of $1300 for a ticket with no airfare, but you did get a T-shirt and a cooler.

What has this so-called "spectacle" produced?

The game has been targeting the wealthy and corporate side of town for years, just about totally cutting out the average Mr and Mrs Joe Average who wants to take their three little tackers along.

Can you imagine spending a couple of grand to take the family to the footy? I surely can't.

The tickets I bought months ago for the Sydney game were $120 each and were bottom of the scale.

Worth every cent in my eyes due to the result, but who can afford that every year?

I know a lot of people from Gladstone head down each year for the games, some go for work, some go for recreation and some combine the two and good luck to them all.

If you are heading down to Brisbane for game three have a great night.

I hope it's a great game, and I hope you come back with more zero's in your wallet than there are sitting in Federal Parliament at the moment.

Next week I'll tell you about a Facebook message that I received on Friday saying: "Robb Kidd = What a JOKE!!"