George Gerbic and accused murderer Lindy Yvonne Williams.
George Gerbic and accused murderer Lindy Yvonne Williams.

I found dead partner's torso in house, woman told cops

MURDER accused Lindy Yvonne Williams claimed to have found her brutally dismembered partner George Gerbic's torso in a house.

The undignified end to Mr Gerbic's life, his headless remains found in a fire near Gympie in 2013, was described to jurors on Monday.

Ms Williams pleaded not guilty to murdering the 66-year-old Coolum Football Club president.

But she pleaded guilty at Brisbane Supreme Court to interfering with a corpse.

Jurors heard Ms Williams claimed her partner was bad-tempered and troubled "all his life" by bisexuality.

"George attacked me with a knife in the lounge room," Ms Williams told police about 10 months after Mr Gerbic was last seen alive.

"He threw me around."

She previously told police Mr Gerbic went to Brazil for the 2014 football World Cup.

Her barrister Simon Lewis said there was no dispute Ms Williams had lied, but that didn't make her guilty of murder, or of covering up murder.

"Was she covering up a killing that happened in self-defence?" Mr Lewis asked jurors.

The Crown alleged Ms Williams murdered Mr Gerbic in September 2013.

Prosecutor Todd Fuller said Ms Williams claimed to have found her partner's torso at home, leaving it "sitting in the ensuite" as she couldn't initially lift it up.

She said she cleaned up blood, later setting the body alight "so police would find it".

Mr Gerbic's remains were found after people noticed a small grass fire near Cedar Pocket Rd.

Volunteer firefighters investigated, one telling jurors he remembered an "odd" burning smell and seeing something wrapped "like a present".

The firefighter said on closer investigation, "you could see the muscle tissues".

Gerbic's head and hands were missing, Mr Fuller said.

The torso, dressed in a black T-shirt, was 47cm long but Mr Gerbic was a 191cm tall man.

The lower vertebrae were cut, both arms amputated, Mr Fuller said.

Mr Fuller claimed there was evidence a saw was used to dismember the body.

Ms Williams, a grey-haired woman in late middle age, sat in the dock as the horrific details were recounted.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional