Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, with Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, with Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd. Matt Taylor GLA050418BISH

'I don't waste taxpayers' money': O'Dowd's expenses revealed

KEN O'DOWD is satisfied his parliamentary expenses are on par with the "huge" electorate he covers.

It comes after the Federal government released the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority report revealing what politicians spent between April and June this year.

Member for Flynn Mr O'Dowd spent a total of $141,717.15 in those three months, an increase from the $95,874.43 he spent during the same period last year.

But those figures are mild compared to his fellow MPs, with Capricornia MP Michelle Landry spending $165,899.99 and Keith Pitt, member for Hinkler, spending $231,545.88.

Julie Bishop spent $508,245.15.

Mr O'Dowd spent the most, $42,218.21, on office facilities.

He said these expenses covered two offices rather than most MPs' one office.

"I have an office at Gladstone and at Emerald," Mr O'Dowd said.

"When you take into account rent for both, insurance, phones, computers, different technologies, security cleaning and the rest, it adds up."

The report also reveals he spent just over $10,000 on travel and more than $7000 on domestic air fares.

"My electorate is twice the size of Tasmania," Mr O'Dowd said.

"I travel all the time, I spent probably 40 per cent of my time in Gladstone, 50 per cent in Canberra and the rest elsewhere.

"I don't waste taxpayers' money, I do what I have to and I do what has to be done.

"I am just doing my job and all the travelling comes at a cost. Flying to Canberra for example, that can't be helped, and I am on the road a is what it is."

Mr O'Dowd said there was a considerable amount spent on printing services.

"In my electorate there's some 126 schools. That's a lot of certificates and awards we have to print."