I could have gone to Rockhampton but I decided to shop in Gladstone ...


WEDNESDAYS with Jenny Grother

A long time ago I decided there was more to going shopping than simply getting into a car or plane and jetting off to Retail Ave. For the purchasing experience to be satisfying and complete one needs several things.

The first thing one needs is money. Not just “some” money, but enough money to buy what you want.

The second thing that one needs is time: plenty of time to browse, compare, reflect, decide and purchase.

You also need time to drink good coffee, eat delicious food and sit and observe the vista. The final thing one needs is the inclination to shop. You must feel the desire to purchase something. It also helps if the planets are aligned.

Over the years I have made a practice of buying myself a memento to celebrate or remind me of my adventures. As I had a significant adventure last term, I set off to make a purchase.

I had all of the three requirements described above. I am not sure about the alignment of the planets because it was pouring rain.

Now I am a strong supporter of the “buy local” campaign.

That means, wherever possible, I buy from local suppliers. I could have gone to Rockhampton, but I decided to shop in Gladstone.

I also decided to shop at a locally owned and run family business. On a cold and wet Friday afternoon, I went to the targeted location.

There, displayed in the window, was the perfect item. I entered the shop. A customer was being served so I waited. And waited. And waited. A small genuflection to acknowledge my presence would have been nice, but I would have settled for, “Hello! I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I am not saying good service is lacking in our shops. There are some great retail service providers in Gladstone. But as my experience last week shows, it can seriously impact on where shoppers spend their money. I’ll try again this week.