Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.
Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

‘I am writing history’: Turnbull denies betraying party

Malcolm Turnbull has denied betraying former Liberal colleagues and defended the publication of private messages in his memoir, which could breach cabinet confidentiality.

The former prime minister told The Australian he was "writing history" and that he was merely telling his story in his new book, A Bigger Picture.

"The reality is I am writing history. My government is over. We are in a different government, different political era and of course with the COVID pandemic it is, you know, we are crossing what is going to be quite a watershed," Mr Turnbull told The Australian.


"There is not much point in writing a memoir if you cannot write it truthfully. OK, sometimes you have got to use discretion and judgment but it's important that people know what happened. And, you know, I've given a truthful account."

Mr Turnbull insisted his new book provided "a balanced account" of his relationship with Scott Morrison, whom he regards as a friend.

This is despite Mr Turnbull accusing Mr Morrison of playing a "double game" to become Prime Minister.


Malcolm Turnbull with wife Lucy. Picture: John Feder
Malcolm Turnbull with wife Lucy. Picture: John Feder


In his interview with 7.30, to be aired on the ABC tonight, Mr Turnbull described Mr Morrson as a "control freak".

In his book, Mr Turnbull writes that he hoped to "steer" the Liberal Party back to the "centre" ground of politics.

But he told The Australian the party remained in the grip of right-wing rump, which holds the party "hostage" through "terrorism" and is supported by sections of the media.