Hustlers on track for victory

DRESSED in fishnets, facepaint and hot pants, the Gladstone roller Derby girls are gearing up for their next home game.

The girls will battle it out against Tweed Valley Vixens on their home turf, on August 11.

The Harbour City Hustlers have been training extra hard in preparation to rebound from their last loss against Mackay.

Sundays are 'scrim day', where they attempt to simulate a real game.

"We try to make it as realistic as possible," said player Danielle Mouton, also known as Blackout Menace.

The team splits into two sides - the carnage crew and the royal pains.

"Even though we are playing against each other, we still love each other," laughs Danielle.

The Tweed Valley, which the Harbour City Hustlers will take on next month, is a strategy-based team, according to Danielle.

"It should be pretty even, they will give us a run for our money."

Last night's training was pretty intense for the girls.

"We vamped it up a lot," said Danielle.

"I think we will do really well.

"We have really good skating abilities and I think will come out on top."

Roller Derby

Roller derby is a female contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track.

Game play consists of a series of short match-ups, called jams, in which both teams designate a scoring player called the jammer, who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team.

The teams attempt to assist their jammer while hindering the opposing jammer by blocking.