Hotel bathrooms are changing.
Hotel bathrooms are changing.

Husband's note warns wife about annoying bathroom habit

It would have been impossible to miss the typed white page perched on top of the folded dark towel.

So the note caught her eye as soon as she walked into the bathroom one night last week.

"Please use for make up removal," the note from the woman's husband read.

"You must STOP staining the hanging white towels because I don't want to murder you. Sincerely, Housekeeping Management."

"I just thought he was being cute," the woman wrote when she shared the note on Reddit.

"PS: still very much alive and happily married."

The post quickly went viral, gaining 79,000 upvotes and 1.6k comments.


"I used to run a busy Airbnb, and we provided high-quality linens (and a lot of other nice touches)," one commenter shared.

"It was … infuriating when people would ruin our nice towels to clean off their makeup. So we started putting makeup wipes in the room. People would steal the packages of makeup removers AND wipe their foundation all over our clean towels."

"I truly don't understand people who use towels to wipe off their makeup in the first place… Sink? Shower? Hello?" another added.

"Use cleanser, wash it off, use it again if this still not fully off, DRY OFF with the towel.

"Makeup is bad but let me tell you what. My wife uses the hair dye that you can buy at Target for like $15 because we cannot afford for her to constantly go to a professional to get it done," a man said. shared.

"She dyes her hair some dark red color. All of our towels are now ruined with pink splotches on them. Pillow cases are ruined too. She even buys expensive shampoo meant for dyed hair but the color still comes out … I currently have a white t-shirt on with a pink spot on the arm sleeve from when we cuddled last night."

After the post went viral, the woman returned with an update.

"Wow this really really blew up!" she said.

"I just thought he was being cute.

"PS: still very much alive and happily married."

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.