Incoming Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.
Incoming Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart. Police Media

'Hurricane Stewart' embraces moniker

THE incoming Queensland Police Commissioner has shrugged off a scathing attack of his approach to the top job.

In an internal email to members, Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers referred to incoming Commissioner Ian Stewart as "hurricane Stewart".

Mr Leavers is particularly concerned about Mr Stewart's proposal to change the disciplinary process to allow him to ask problematic police officers to show cause as to why they should keep their jobs.

Addressing the media only hours before he would officially become the Police Commissioner, Mr Stewart shrugged off the criticism and admitted he was the "new kid on the block".

"(Hurricane) is a great new nickname and I actually like it," he said.

"We have some rocky days ahead, there is no doubt about it.

"Tomorrow morning I intend to ring Ian (Leavers)...and Alex Scott of the Together union to start that dialogue for me in my new role to talk to them and consult with them on issues I think are important for our organisation into the future."

Mr Stewart said he would approach the State Government about the ability through a commissioner's confidence to ask disciplined officers to show cause why they should keep their jobs.

"At the moment about the only way a person can leave this organisation is either by resigning or through a very, very protracted discipline process," he said.

"I think there are circumstances where the evidence is so clear the commissioner should have the right to simply call on that person about why they should remain.

"This is not one-sided. I suspect any power like that would come with appeals process and checks and balances."

Police Minister Jack Dempsey would not weigh in on the issue and stated the QPU was entitled to its own opinion.

"I do value the comment from the police union but at the end of the day we will work together to ensure we have the best police force," he said.