FANNING THE FLAMES: The bushfires have stoked our community's desire to help.
FANNING THE FLAMES: The bushfires have stoked our community's desire to help. Brenda Strong GLA140911BURN

Humour Column: Fires have stoked our community pride

FOLKS, you know we're living in extreme times when our Mayor Matt Burnett is delighted to see a plane load of people from NSW drop into our airport.

Even Maroon's die-hard MP Glenn Butcher was also on hand to personally shake all their hands as well.

Strange times indeed.

Gladstone is not prone to natural disasters like some other parts of the world.

We're more used to watching the horror unfold on our TV's, tablets, phones or whatever devices people are using nowadays to gawp at other's misery in far away places.

But now it's our turn, and I have to tell you Gladstone, I'm extremely impressed with the way everyone has pulled together.

Even our notorious online, serial moaners have taken a little break from their constant griping, which is nice isn't it?

Feel free to keep that up team!

Each day, as our skies fill with smoke and dust, news filters in of another fire flaring up putting lives and properties at risk.

I've seen first hand a level of selflessness that's left me speechless (which takes some doing).

People have been more than eager to pitch in, help out and step up. Whether it's donating time, food or money, running errands, or offering some space at home for people or pets who have nowhere to stay, everyone appears super keen to do their bit.

There are far too many of you to name, so I'll just say this: Gladstone, I have never been more proud of you.

We might be facing another week of hot, horrible and devastating conditions, but no matter what happens, our community has shown a firm and very positive, resolve to help out.

For those of you wondering how much longer the firey conditions are going to last, then here's some potential good news; sort of.

My weather guru mate just announced we can expect some rain in the next couple of weeks.

And possibly the first cyclone of the season too.

Still, it will be a welcome relief, because when it comes to natural disasters, we seem to deal with floods better than fires.