Dave Hughes has opened up to news.com.au about his health scare.
Dave Hughes has opened up to news.com.au about his health scare.

Hughesy’s terrifying on-stage scare

DAVE Hughes has opened up about the health scare that saw him almost collapse on stage during a corporate gig yesterday.

The comedian was performing a 10-minute routine in front of 1500 people at a pre-AFL grand final luncheon in Melbourne when the room started spinning.

"It was properly spinning as if I was on a ride at the show," Hughesy told news.com.au this morning.

"I'm just hoping that it will go away, so I kept trying to do my routine but it kept getting faster and faster. I was just trying to keep it together.


Hughesy was struggling at this point.
Hughesy was struggling at this point.


"I had a comedian mate in the front row and he said he knew straight away that I was off. He was going to walk on stage but he didn't know what to do."

Hughesy started slurring his words and instead of walking off stage he decided to describe to the audience what was going on.

"I could hardly see," he told news.com.au. "I said, 'I don't know what's going on'. The audience were just weirded out, some of them thought it was part of the act.

"Eventually, I saw someone bringing a chair towards me so I sat on the chair and tried to continue the routine. In hindsight it was f***ing ridiculous that I didn't just walk off, absolutely ridiculous. For all I knew I was having a stroke!

"Apparently, at one point I said to the crowd, 'I'm Dave Hughes, I'm really good at comedy, I can do this'."

Somehow Hughesy managed to get through his 10-minute routine before he was helped off the stage and rushed to the green room.

"People kept coming backstage thinking I was dead," Hughesy joked. "Chris Judd, AFL legend, was there and he came back and said, 'Is it wrong that I was hoping you'd collapse on stage?'"

Hughesy went to hospital and had an MRI before the doctor told him it was simply a case of vertigo, which the comedian had never experienced before.

"In hindsight, the funniest thing was I tried to keep doing comedy," Hughesy told news.com.au. "For f**'s sake."


Hughes got the all clear from his MRI.
Hughes got the all clear from his MRI.


Hughesy can be seen on The Masked Singer, which continues on Channel 10 on Monday at 7.30pm