HUGE SALE: All items at Gladstone store will be 50 cents next week

TO CELEBRATE an impressive milestone of being open for 40 years, a Gladstone business will have a huge, 50 cent sale next week.

Volunteers at the Anglican Parish This 'n' That Shop on Tank St are celebrating four decades of success, with every item in the op shop to be sold for just 50 cents.

Valda Garson has volunteered at the shop for more than 10 years, and said the secret to its success was its versatility and variety.

Not to mention the tireless effort that volunteers have dedicated to the shop over the 40 years, with some of who still are involved, she said.

"We have everything - clothing for adults; men and women - for all different occasions, children's clothing too,” she said.

"We have housewares, crafts, footwear, bric-a-brac, crockery, and so much more.”

Valda said the shop aptly lives up to its name, and it receives donations from "all over the state”.

Gloria Lindley, Valda Garson, Merril Ruback and Jenny Shearman. - Chrismas Lunch In Gladstone.  
Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
PARISH PALS: Valda Garson, (middle left) pictured with Merril Ruback, (middle right) both volunteers of the Anglican Parish This n That shop. Valda has volunteered for more than 10 years while Merril was involved before the shop's move across the road on Tank St in 1977. Paul Braven GLA241215CHRISTMAS

"Some of the most interesting items we have seen at This 'n' That are some fashion pieces dating years and years back, from fancy events.”

There will be a luncheon held for all past and present volunteers of the shop held on Saturday at the Anglican Parish from about 9am.

"We are very fortunate to have such a good team of volunteers who take the time to do what they do every day here in the store. You build some very meaningful and lifetime long friendships doing what we do,” Valda said.

Despite a short move across the road from number 30, to 25 Tank St, the building has held up to its humble beginnings.

Valda said the shop was first a baker shop owned by Joe and Muriel Irwin.

"After they ceased trading they rented the premises to the Anglican Parish,” she said. "This was done at a peppercorn rent for the use of an Op Shop.”

Funds raised from the sales stay inside Gladstone, Valda said, and go towards charity - like soup kitchens, a men's shelter and to breakfast clubs at local schools.

"And it's so much fun, there are different teams every day, and my team does the all-day Wednesday shift. Everyone who was involved in the This 'n' That shop is invited to come on Saturday.”

The 50 cent sale will run from next Thursday to Friday, with a cake cutting ceremony to further celebrate.

The shop is open five days a week.