LNG terminal planned for Abbot Point after coal gets nod

A HUGE liquefied natural gas export terminal is being planned for Abbot Point on the north Queensland coast, just months after the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approved plans to dump three million tonnes of dredge spoil in the sensitive region as part of coal export expansion.

Brisbane Times reports Hong Kong-based Energy World Corporation has submitted plans to pipe gas 1000km from the Cooper Basin to Abbot Point, and then export as much as two million tonnes of LNG per year to Asia.

The so-called CAPLNG facility would require dredging of at least 500,000 cubic metres of material to be disposed of on land.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society estimates the dredging would amount to about 800,000 tonnes.

"This is out of the blue," said campaign director Felicity Wishart. "The dredging itself is very damaging to the marine environment."

The Energy World proposal is listed as a "referral detail" under the Commonwealth's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

A referral is needed if a project is likely to have a significant impact including on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, or World Heritage Properties - both of which apply for CAPLNG.

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