IRISH JOURNEY: Damien Leith is headed to Gladstone for his The Parting Glass (an Irish Journey) on May 14 at the GECC.
IRISH JOURNEY: Damien Leith is headed to Gladstone for his The Parting Glass (an Irish Journey) on May 14 at the GECC. Contributed

Damien Leith brings classic Irish songs to Gladstone

AUSTRALIA'S favourite Irishman is heading to Gladstone for a stellar show not to be missed.

Australian Idol 2006 winner Damien Leith is bringing his musical/play The Parting Glass (an Irish Journey) to the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre on May 14.

Damien chatted to Pulse from his Sydney home to talk about all things music.


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Q. What is The Parting Glass?

A. It's a mix between a play and a musical. It is set in an Irish pub on a Sunday afternoon.

It's about a father and son who haven't seen each other for five years.

The story is about them catching up. There's a band playing classic Irish songs in the pub.

I play the father, son and singer. The father is a real character, he's a grumpy fellow you really like.

I lean left to right and put on different accents being both characters.

Acting - is that a hidden talent of yours?

I used to do musicals when I was younger. I wrote plays when I was little and got all the neighbours around to watch. It's something I have really wanted to do again.

Four years ago I was asked to write a show for the Adelaide Play Festival.

I did and I got an incredible reaction, I got a standing ovation and people leaving with tears.

Why was it important to incorporate Irish culture in the play?

We just thought you need that full Irish band with drums, fiddle and tin whistle to make it very authentic.

Every country has one or two songs you have heard so many times.

In different situations when people are homesick, it's amazing how significant that song can be.

I hope the show homes in on that.

When you travel around interstate the Irish really celebrate that Irishness. I have done a lot of festivals in small towns and the Irish culture is brilliant.

What do you do to wind down?

A. I have three kids: two boys and a little girl. They keep me busy. If I'm not gigging I am spending time with them.

I love movies, that's my thing. I love them because they are a total escape. You turn off your PC and put your phone away and watch it.

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