Huge croc charges crowd of people

A huge crocodile has left a North Queensland community concerned after the reptile was filmed near a boat ramp.

Rosie Woolla captured the beast chasing what she described was a water bottle near a boat ramp in the Far North community of Aurukun on Wednesday.

She said bystanders tried to lure the crocodile closer to the shore to see how big it was.

"I just came down to check on mum, seen the people standing down the other end watching the croc," Ms Woolla said.

"(I) wanted to take a video close up but I was s**t scared seen."

About a dozen people, including children, could be seen hollering at the crocodile lunged toward them. The crocodile was eventually scared off when a number of people threw objects at it.

A sign warning of people of crocodiles could be seen lying on its side on the bank.

It comes just days after Emily Melvin filmed a saltwater crocodile about 100m away from a Ingham high school.

The Year 12 student said her mum was driving her to school when she spotted the croc, believed to be on listed as a problem and targeted for removal by the Department of Environment and Science.