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More police on road after state's death toll increased

WITH health restrictions easing across the Gladstone region, policing is being ramped up to tackle the increased traffic on the roads.

In the past week there have been two fatalities on Central Queensland roads, taking the state's road toll to 91, seven more than in 2019.

So how can you spot police on the roads?

"The simple answer is you can't, because we're not always in marked cars," Snr Sgt Shaune English said.

"With COVID-19 we had to change our priorities, which unfortunately some people took advantage of and we saw problems.

"From this morning people can expect to see more police, speed cameras and static RBT's on the roads."

The Capricornia region has registered six deaths, the Calliope Road Policing commander said, with just one death being one too many.

"I saw an email list of 10 or 15 police involved in one of the fatals in the past week and by the time you take into account everybody who attends the scene, those involved in traffic control, the paramedics, the firefighters and the community in general, it can be huge numbers," he said.

"In every crash that involves two vehicles, there may be other people injured, who don't die, but they have to live with that recurring image of what happened as well.

"Fatalities anywhere have a huge effect on the community."

While at the same time last year nine people had died on the region's roads, Snr Sgt English said the statistics still weren't good.

"We've had more than one death on the roads this year, so we are going bad," he said.

"The goal is to have none, so as soon as we have a fatality we are not doing well and can always do better.

"We're doing better compared to last year but compared to the two years before that the numbers are up this year."

In an effort to stop the region's road toll increasing, Sgt English said, people should plan their travel.

"There's no appointment, or event, you have to go to that you have to get there so desperately that it's worth taking the risks that people take on the roads," he said.

"Now we have restrictions lifted and people can go camping and on holidays it's great for the community in general but they need to remember that over long distances you still get fatigued.

"If you're taking advantage of a long weekend to get away, plan your trip, don't plan on driving 1000km in a day to get to somewhere so you can spend two days in a row there."