MOST people would burn a fire down to ashes.

But by burning it the right way, precious charcoal can be produced that is beneficial to the soil.

Biocenvironmnhar is produced by a Murwillumbah non profit company that provides the charcoal to farmers.

" is a living evolving resource with the sole purpose of enlightening people to the exciting future of Biochar and its beneficial environmental potential," said owner Dolph Cooke.

"It is one family's journey to discover themselves and the beautiful land they were born in with the sole intention of sharing this wonderful discovery that is biological charcoal."

Mr Cooke's passion for this ancient technology has seen he and his partner Gillian make new friends.

"We all have the common good of the planet as a special bond, as we teach, learn and discover new ways to live in sustainable community," he said.

The couple demonstrated how to produce your own bio charcoal at World Environment Day at Murwillumbah.

"Anyone can do it," Mr Cooke said.