Zazi personal beauty assistant Sharon Mackie.
Zazi personal beauty assistant Sharon Mackie. Brenda Strong

How to be bronzed beauty, stand the heat at the track

POLISHED perfection is the look du jour at spring races.

Personal beauty assistant Sharon Mackie started with Zazi in January 2010. Here she shares her top tips for staying prime for photos all day long.

The Queensland-made Zazi products are all natural and are designed to suit the Queensland climate and are perfect for people with all skin types, including problem skin.

"I had really bad pigmentation on my face and allergies and combined with the humidity here, it was hard to find good makeup but stumbled across it by accident," Mrs Mackie said.

"The coverage is fantastic and it feels like you're not wearing makeup.

"I love the fact that in summer, it stays on all day despite sweating, you can even put it on a sweaty face and it has SPF. I wear my foundation all the time as my sun-protection on my face, even on the jet-ski because it's waterproof."

Mrs Mackie said make-up wasn't about creating a facade so you weren't recognisable.

"Just remember that make-up is about making ourselves look and feel confident, and enhancing our own natural beauty. Sometimes simple can be better. Another thing, try something new every now and again; it is all too easy to get stuck in a make-up rut."


What are the key make-up looks for spring races?

When it comes to spring races, it is a good idea to take inspiration from our surroundings. At the moment it is hot pinks and tangerines that you will see everywhere, so lipstick colours like Zazi's Cosmo and Mae are what are really hitting the bill.

How can people ensure their make-up stands the heat?

I would say use a quality product. I love Zazi because once I've prepped my face with their skincare line and put my make-up on, it stays on. All I have to worry about is lipstick throughout the day after I've had something to eat. But I believe the basis of lasting make-up is to prepare your skin properly before applying your make-up. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise and then adding a primer will help it last.

What is a common beauty mistake that can easily be fixed ?

One of my pet hates is the wrong foundation colour. Get the foundation right and everything else will look much better. I always advise people to have a professional match their colours for them.

What would you suggest for those people seeking a sun-kissed look?

Regardless of your skin tone; pale, olive or tanned, you must have the correctly matched foundation to start as a base. Too often people try to achieve the sunkissed look by using a darker foundation, which is a big no no. Start with a good coverage of a quality foundation that matches the skin, highlight the cheeks with a bronzer, which you can also bronze over the eyes. For a slight bit of definition, smudge a mid-light brown across the lash line as opposed to harsh black liner and finish with mascara and a nude to soft pink lip.

What beauty essentials should you pack for the races?

Lipstick, tissues to blot sweat off your face. That would be it for me because I know my makeup would be fine to last the day.