BOWYANGS: Archer Peart , 8
BOWYANGS: Archer Peart , 8 Hannah Sbeghen

How this CQ boy is making a quick buck from bowyangs

HE is only eight years old but already Ambrose boy Archer Peart is kicking off his bowyangs business in style.

Inspired by his grandfather to make the boot covers and scarves for a school project, the Ambrose school student's products are now being stocked at a men's store on Goondoon St at Aussie Blokes Clothes.

Archer said the idea came from watching his grandfather herd cattle on their Ambrose property.

"Granddad and Dad always wear them and I really wanted a pair too," Archer said.

The business-boy has put a fun spin on the bowyangs by fashioning them out of recycled material.

But he isn't the only one making a quick buck off a great idea.

His peers at Ambrose State School also have the right idea, with students selling their inventive products at a market stall yesterday.

The students had to come up with the idea themselves as well as source the materials and work out a budget and how much profit they would make.

From peg baskets to beef jerky, the students are thinking outside the box.

Year-two-student Millie Sell has already made $160 from selling her delicious jam drop biscuits.

Katie Birthisel, 7 and Phoenix Watson, 7 with their amazing peg basket product.
Katie Birthisel, 7 and Phoenix Watson, 7 with their amazing peg basket product.

Principal Andrew Collis said the school project was preparing the students for the future.

"The world has changed a lot and these kids need modern practices that will prepare them for life," Mr Collis said.

"They are all thinking outside the box, there are no average ideas on the table."