How to survive in a car caught in a bushfire

YOU have evacuated from your home, but then you find the roads are blocked by giant flames. Here's what you should do.

Getting caught in a bushfire in your vehicle might sound like a hopeless situation, but with proper preparation you can survive.

The safest option is to leave early in the face of an advancing fire front. Take plenty of drinkable water.

Turn on your headlights to maximise visibility in the smoke. The last thing you need is a crash which could leave you stranded.

If escape is no longer an option and the fire is approaching, park in a clear area facing the fire front.

Leave the engine running - so you can move quickly if you really need to - and turn off the air conditioning.

With all air vents and windows closed, all occupants should dampen the thickest material they can find and shelter under it below window level. Drink plenty of water.

Once the fire front has passed, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services guidelines encourage people to check the car thoroughly for fire or damage before continuing their journey. 

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